At 21 Acres, a sustainable farm project in Woodinville, Pollinator Pathway NW has found a home. Our projects are supported by staff and volunteers on the farm.

Demonstration Pollinator Garden

Our demonstration pollinator garden continues to thrive. The hugel beds have settled and the soil is rich and nourishing. The three-year development of this garden is a remarkable story. Read all about it and learn about the amazing gardening technique called hugelkultur.

The Spiral Herb Garden

The spiral garden, originally planted in 2008, is located at a central crossroads on the 21 Acres demonstration farm. Its spiral design incorporates the healing properties of reflexology and is densely planted with kitchen herbs for the 21 Acres kitchen and farm market. The Pollinator Pathway team adopted the garden as an additional pollinator habitat and set about restoring it to its original beauty, with help from a donation from the Woodinville Garden Club and the team’s dedication to weekly weeding and mulching. Herbs include oregano, thyme, valerian, lavendar, marigold, rosemary and sage. Plans are underway to create a focal element that will attract visitors to the pollinator gardens and all that 21 Acres has to offer.