The Pollinator Pathway Pledge

We can all be part of the effort to protect pollinators and their habitats. Adopt the four simple steps below and take the pledge to work toward pollinator conservation.
1. Grow Pollinator-Friendly Flowers
Flowers provide the nectar and pollen that pollinators feed on. Plant a variety of native flowers, shrubs and trees that bloom from spring to fall.
2. Provide Nesting Sites
Pollinators need places for their eggs and larvae to nest. Bees will nest in the ground, so leave bare dirt patches. For other pollinators provide native shrubs, grasses and wildflowers.
caterpillar, leaf, pest-207347.jpg
3. Avoid Pesticides
Pesticides are poison. Insecticides and herbicides are harmful to pollinators through direct exposure, and also through the destruction of pollinator habitats and food sources.
4. Spread the Word
Share with neighbors and friends about the importance of pollinators and their habitats. Display our 6-inch or 12-inch sign showing that your garden is free of pesticides and includes native plants. Stop by 21 Acres and pick up a yard sign that proclaims your commitment. Your donation of $10 for the small sign or $20 for the large sign covers the cost of the signs.