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Our goal at Pollinator Pathway NW is to encourage and support individual efforts to plant pollinator friendly gardens, and to educate people on the the importance of planting native plants, avoiding pesticides and protecting nesting habitats. Pollinator Pathway NW is one of many projects representing regions and towns all over the country that are linked to the national organization, and organized and supported by volunteers.
Join our movement and become involved in protecting and promoting pollinators and their habitats.
1. Take the Pollinator Pathway Pledge
2. Plant a pollinator friendly habitat
3. Add your planting to the pollinator pathway map
The map created by the folks at Pollinator Pathway has been the inspiration for our Pacific Northwest map. Click on your state or province and follow the instructions to add your garden to the map. If you wish, you can include your planting in the photos and descriptions of gardens all over the US and Canada.
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