The Songaia Greater Neighborhood, located just North of Seattle in Bothell, WA,  is an intentional community composed of members who live on properties adjacent to one another.

Songaia Community Garden

The Songaia Garden was founded in the late ‘80s and exists now as a learning garden above all else. We strive to create a space where humans can learn to grow food sustainably, care for and regenerate soil health, participate in their surrounding ecosystems, and bolster their personal and community resilience for the times to come. The food produced in the garden and orchards feeds into our community meals program, reducing our impact and our reliance on global food systems.  The garden includes a large collection of heirloom roses.

Songaia Native Forest Garden

Stillaguamish, Duwamish, and other Coast Salish Territory

The Songaia Native Forest Garden was planted in 2022 in collaboration with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and local indigenous educators Linzie Crofoot and Tayna Greene. This forest garden consists of plant relatives that are of cultural significance to the Coast Salish peoples. The Miyawaki Method of afforestation was implemented in this space with the support of our local community and UW Bothell students. These mini-forests are essentially a densely planted area of native plants. This style of forest planting grows much more quickly than natural forests and becomes self-sustaining in three years.  The Miyawaki Method is fast becoming a best practice in the regenerative world. Enjoy this video about the creation and benefits of the Miyawaki Method.